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Guided Process Flow

systems comes with features to handle the full spectrum of activities in a transport company.

what about the HMS?

G1’s Haulage or Transport Management Systems are hosted applications, web based for easy access.

Major systems administration duties will be handled by Gussmann allowing you to focus on your core business.

Core Values

This means the systems provide means to set direction, command, control and adjust your fleet’s operational tempo and performance taking into consideration all internal and external factors coming from maintenance, productivity of the day as well as customers’ demands.

Real-Time Updates

GMAP, Integration to GPS live data and information of customers orders. The GMap provides a quick view of your trucks’ GPS locations as well as the respective truck’s individual jobs at the current time.

Active planning and adjustment

The Live CIC is where quick information on the current status of your fleet is shown. The status of each truck will be updated as the data is pumped back into the system from the truck’s MDT (Mobile Data Terminal). You have the ability to view on a map the actual location of any specific truck.

Total Control of your fleet

This shows the fleet (or sub-unit of your fleet) with jobs currently assigned to the trucks. The status and details of each job is easily available. The color-coded activity status gives a quick graphical representation of your fleet’s performance at a glance for current moment.


Haulage Management System (HMS)
dedicated for container haulage trucking.


Transport Management System (TMS)
Dedicated for various non-container trucking.
Suitable for tanker transportations,
general cargo or distrubution transport.


Fleet Maintenance Management (FMM)
Dedicated for managing difficult task of maintenance.
Eg: inspections, permit renewals scheduling, M&R.

FA Module

Forwarding Agent Application
Allows transporter performing customs brokerage/forwarding activities to fully integrate with their internal transportation division.

G1. Accounts

fully integrated to HMS/TMS,
Fowarding Applications and
Maintenance Module Applications.


Our Services

As a total package, our H/TMS system with integrated MDT (Mobile Data Terminal), direct link to our GPS tracking system and internal G1. Accounts software, our system provides total visibility and transparency for better tracking of your business through the entire transport chain from orders received, performance, billing and reports for analysis.

Total Tracking Visibility of every job and every truck in your fleet.

Total integration of Transport Management System with GPS data and Fuel monitoring.

Easy tracking and management of each individual unit or total overview of your fleet.

Reduction in the required man power to manage operations.

Drivers’ performance, discipline and behaviour can be monitored through GPS reports and other customizable reports from the H/TMS.

Easy and fast reports to monitor KPI’s and other statistics.

Web-base system enables access to the system anywhere, anytime controlled by restricted user_ids and passwords.


See what HMS are able to work with

provide true visibility and transparency to the transport chain.

P.O.D. allows final validation of transport data before closing a job.

Billing capabilities customizable to your own unique requirements.

Primemover Daily Driver

Data provided will assist to automate Invoicing and Drivers’ Incentive calculations.

Order Management

Complete Order Entry form.

Data provided will assist to automate Invoicing and Drivers’ Incentive calculations.


MDT is a unique one-of-a-kind ruggedly built unit to withstand harsh and rough handling by drivers.

The MDT sends back status updates for each job’s activites triggered by the drivers.

The data is sent back to the Management System on a regular basis.

Historical Job Trails

Order and job trails detailing individual GPS track as well as other information for specific jobs.

View the historical Job Activities details.

Visual capture on GPS Map the actual trail for the entire job.